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    Good day to all. I ordered ritalins june 19th received july 4th. Came wrapped in metal paper /thick bubble-envelope and meds were intact. will order again.

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    Sorry for the delay in posting a follow up/update! I posted on the ‘sister’ Board so I guess I must have thought I did my duty and that it would update here automatically, anyway received quality products from Upjohn/Pharmacia, quality (very potent)oxycodone and also Novartis ritalins. Price justified the wait time IMO.

    all the Best,
    Bat aka BatinTheHead199

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    Just got a faster one from alldaymeds:
    sent payment august 10th
    Shipped august 13th
    Received august. 23rd

    10 days from shipment to delivery this time. Not close to my 8 day record, but under two weeks nowadays is okay for me.
    Best of luck to everyone!

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    Sent bitcoin 9/4 received tramadol to my door 9/14 (basically 10¬†days exactly). Keep in mind that is from the day I actually sent the btc to when I got the shipment, they waited a couple of days before they shipped it out. So far I have received all my orders from them expecting another one but it will mosty likely arrive later considering I didnt choose ‘exprees stamp’. The packaging is better than other IOP’s, I don’t care what anyone says and i’m not here to argue. All i’m saying is that it is obviously making it through just fine. The pills are very fresh most boasting a 2020++ expiration date. I have had plenty of questions about their emails. They are clearly busy but do tend to forget to send shipping confirmations from time to time. It usually takes a couple of hours up to a day to get a reply, once you send the money they normally confirm in about 24 hours, and to ask about status of shipping (what dates they sent it on) would probably be another few hours for a response. They do send an email telling you that they picked up your payment, If you would like to know exactly what day they shipped it out you can always ask them. Bottom line is they always deliver, their pain meds and stimulants are legit, their pills are mostly brand names and the quality is above the average OP, plus the price cant be beaten. First Class IOP.


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    Ordered 9/13
    payment sent 9/14
    email said shipped 9/15
    received 9/24.

    Product came wrapped in very secure packging, Oxycodone working well. Fresh product.

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