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    Is there anything that will boost the effect of ADHD medications? I have been taking ADD/ADHD medications since about 2005. At first, it did not take nearly as high of a dosage as it does currently. Since I have build up a tolerance to the meds, I have discovered that Dexedrine 5 mg from thedonrx seem to be a little stronger that Adderall or Ritalin or even Concerta. My doctor does not have a problem writing me a high dosage script for any two of these medication like Adderall, Dexedrine, Concerta, Cylert, Desoxyn, and that was the solutions about 3 years ago. Back then we just added another medication so I was on two different stimulants each month. I usually don’t go above 100 mg’s on either of the two scripts, so that give me a total of 200 mg’s for these and it should be enough, but sometimes because of the tolerance problem that these medications have, I don’t get the benefit that I should be getting that these dosages or the benefit that I got many years ago. I have tried the small dosage of 5 mg tablets and when I use them I don’t need as high a dosage, usually about 1/2 overall with two script. I remember getting benefit from 20 mg’s in the beginning. I have tried taking the medications per my doctors suggestion all in the a.m. and scattered out through the day, but basically have the same problem. I have even tried drug holidays and they do help to some degree. I have lowered the dosage and then raised it back up and that did little because there is a dosage level where it kicks in and not below. Nothing happens on a lower dosage and I am basically at the same dosage amount where it kicks in again. My question is about any additional medication that might actually boost these medications effectiveness. I have read about soda actually making Adderall better absorbed, but I would like to know if anyone as a suggestion of other medications that might help. I have added Risperdal or Zyprexa or Abilify and it does seem to smooth out any side effect that a high dosage might have without taking away any effect or benefit, but thought there might be some others that members might know of. My doctor and I have tried a few, but nothing profound was discovered. Maybe someone has a suggestion of another combination that might work wheather it’s from the GNC store or a Pharmacy. drug holidays work about the same so that means 5 days on and 2 off unless anyone has a suggestion. My doctor is very flexible in working with me because not all of his patients are on dosage like mine or above mine have the same problem. Some do and some don’t. Suggestions?

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