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    just wanted to share my experience here about my addiction to dilaudid/pain meds. Four years ago I started a low dose of dilaudid for fibro pain. After about a year I was hooked on it and taking way more than was given. AS I am a professional medical worker and worked in the Dr.s office who approved my meds I actually took a script pad and started writing duplicate scripts. My doc would write the legit one and I would copy it and take it to another drugstore. I figured that the possibilities were only one drugstore would call and verify and that I wouldn’t get caught. …: and then I lost my job because I was falling asleep at work, my condo, I slept over 12 hours per day and generally slept alot. I vowed that when I finally got caught I would go to rehabilitation, and of course I ultimately did get caught. Thankfully they did not prosecute, but because I had health care insurance I could not get an inpatient detox/treatment. I went cold turkey off a 24mg per day dilaudid habit along with 50mgs of hydrocodone. No ER would treat me, and no treatment center would take me. They said that cold turkey off that much dilaudid was not possible in less tahn 6months. Luckily I finally got into the county detox center where it was complete and utter chaos…homeless drunks, crackheads, etc. and I received practically no medical care. But I got thru it. I survived and have been dilaudid free for 2yrs, feeling well on vicodin (60mg/day) Ok, thats it. I just had to share my experience with you guys.

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