South Africa Postal Chaos, Looting, and Arrests

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    A combo of postal issues and LE crackdowns have seemingly put an end to South Africa as a place for ordering medication online. Non deliveries and shipping times of up to 9 months have been reported using some of south africas most well known IOP’s, and that is using their fastest shipping options.
    In addition ,the issue between the south african government and the postal workers has been increasing away ever since medication-shipments started mysteriously disappearing from the largest post office branches in the country (all part of the national postal service of South Africa (SAPO)). Although SAPO started processing mail again they have not dealt with the illegal confiscation of packages and theft which seems to target medication shipments in particular. Other reports this week describe huge stacks of mail just being abandoned in open spaces easily accessible to the public ,and in unlocked containers, consequently vulnerable to looting by crooked postal employees and other criminals. Around the same time there has been reports of several online pharmacy related arrests, including the detention of Mr Bart Wolfgang Kirsten and his spouse Shelley-Ann Kirsten, who was caught handing in packages at the post office containing scheduled medicines. The same infamous couple later appeared in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court.

    Due to these recent developments I strongly suggest anyone considering to order medication from SA, to think twice before proceeding.

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    WOW ! its really a mess over there. Lets pray they’l get it sorted out.

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